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Are you looking to supercharge your company’s financial performance?

 Are you keen to understand how financial strategy can help you achieve profitable growth quicker?

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I want to get you and your business where you want to go. My name is Johan and I’m a virtual CFO, or Chief Financial Officer. I help evolved businesses achieve financial success, whatever that might mean to you. 

I know you are a trailblazer.

What you are doing, has never been done before. You’re not just repackaging old content or adapting what’s already been invented. You, my friend, are making anew.

You’re growing, fast. Money is coming in the door and flying out. Overall you’ve got more in than out, and you’re starting to build a buzz around what you do.

Virtual CFO

But, the money. It’s playing on your mind in times when you know you should be thinking of the bigger picture. You’re stretching for the blue sky but the financial weeds are dragging you down. Are you managing your cash effectively, meeting all your filing requirements like accounts, tax returns and VAT, and are you investing for growth?

You’d like a full-time finance director to take the financial worries off your plate and to work with you to achieve your financial goals. Who wouldn’t? But, you don’t have the resources or need for a full-time person yet so you’ve chosen an accountant to advise you instead. But, the accountant works for someone else and only care about you to the extent that they can win fees from you.

Imagine if instead, you could pay someone a monthly fee and they’d be your virtual CFO. Imagine if they were more than just an adviser in it for the money, but if they were passionate about the power of dominating your numbers, and understood that you don’t want to be involved in the everyday, but want to get it right.

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Imagine if that person had over a decade of experience with large and small businesses, an obsession with companies like yours and an understanding that you want to deal with someone who can tell the story of your finances in an engaging way rather than a grey accountant. More than that, they can work with you to set financial goals and then work with you on how to get there.

Imagine if that person was on call to listen to your worries and help you through the maze of your numbers, never using 10 words when 5 would do, and saying what needs to be done rather than caveating every communication with ‘maybe’ and ‘could’.

Imagine if you could click the button below, schedule a discovery session with me and we could get started right now on what about your finances keeps you up at night, and how I could help.

Virtual CFO

I want to live in a world where every business has access to the financial know-how to match their innovation and dynamism.

Here’s to building your empire.


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